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Appreciate the beauty and power of these sacred beads!!

High Energy Amethyst Gemstones mala combines the beauty and energy of amethyst beads with the spiritual power that has Stability, Calmness and Intuition Properties, Natural Stress Reliever, Increases Clarity of Mind and Facilitates Decision Making while carrying the positive, healing qualities of the stones into your personal energy field.

This is both an eye-catching spiritual necklace and energy-transmitting prayer beads man has used as a powerful spiritual symbol. 

The 108 round beads are carved and polished amethyst, a violet crystal that many believe offers protection.

A Japa mala is typically made from 108 beads and one larger additional bead called a Sumeru. Begin the round with the Sumeru and end when it is reached again. The following round should begin with the same bead upon which the previous round ended.

The mala should be held in the right hand with the middle finger and thumb, never with the index finger which is considered inauspicious. With each bead, one repeats the mantra. “Japa is a type of communication between “here” and “beyond”, between the part and the Whole. As in all types of communication, it cannot be the mumbling of empty words, it cannot be a mechanical or robotic repetition, but it must express an authentic and sincere intention. The mantra should be recited with the highest attention and deeply interiorized.”

"Mala", is also known as a rosary or prayer beads. These beautiful 108 bead (8mm) necklaces can be used in meditation to count repetitions of mantras, prayers or affirmations by rotating the beads between the thumb and fingers. 

All our handmade malas are strung on 100% silk cord, knotted between each bead. Hand crafted by yogis working in a meditative environment.  


Key features:

  • 100% natural
  • Handmade
  • Kept sealed for in a bag for energetic protection
  • LxWxH: 14.5’’X0.187’’
  • Product Weight: 0.13 lb

108 Natural Amethyst Mala Prayer Necklace

SKU: 90a43664